I was delighted to be invited to contribute to a  safeguarding book; ‘Safeguarding Adults and Children – Dilemmas and Complex Practice, published in 2016

I wrote chapter 12: Inter-professional Working; The Challenge of Domestic Abuse

Since 2013,representatives from health, social work, education, police and the voluntary sector, working across higher education, practice and community settings, have worked collaboratively to plan and deliver annual inter-professional learning (IPL) conferences for GP trainees, student Health Visitors, School Nurses, Midwives and Social Workers, student SENCOs and teachers, and police officers at postgraduate level.

The annual conference is hosted by Canterbury Christ Church University, I have been part of the inter-professional conference planning  group since the beginning. In 2019  a poster was published capturing evaluation findings.


Evaluating Inter-professional Education : Initial learning from the annual domestic abuse conference. Published on line in  British Journal for General Practitioners, June 2020; 

link below.