Teaching and Training







Domestic Abuse
Learning outcomes:

  • Increased awareness and understanding of how domestic abuse impacts on society; adult victims and on children
  • Increased knowledge of risk factors and indicators of DA
  • Increased confidence and knowledge of enquiring about DA safely
  • Increased ability to respond to domestic abuse
  • Increase knowledge of the support services and referral pathways available in the community
  • Increased understanding of the importance of partnership and inter-professional working

    Working in Organisations
    Learning outcomes:
  • Increased understanding of the importance of reflective practice, effective supervision and teamwork
  • Enhance understanding of the changing landscape of social care sector:  The role of the VCS and private sector in delivering social care services
  • Increased ability to work  inter-professionally

    Supporting parents /carers in promoting their babies development

I am co-author of a parenting and attachment programme called Baby  Explorers; Supporting Your Baby’s Development. (Evaluated by University of Kent Vougioukalou S. A.2012 Centre for Social Anthropology & Computing, University of Kent). The programme raises awareness of the importance of parent’s/carer’s  involvement in their babies development and gives parents tools to promote attachment and the development of the infant brain. It is based on the latest neuroscience and research around what impacts on people’s ability to live fulfilled lives with increased emotional intelligence.

Specific learning outcomes:

  • Increased knowledge of infant brain development
  • Enhanced ability to make  links between attachment theories, child development and how to use that knowledge to support parents and carers in practice.
  • Increased knowledge of what impacts positively and what negatively on the infant brain.
  • Increased knowledge and skills on how to support and encourage parents/carers to engage positively with their children’s development. 
  • Increased ability to critically analyse factors affecting the optimal development of children and young people, including the impact of neglect and abuse.
  • Increased knowledge of theory to explain and interpret human behaviour, taking into account issues relating to culture, age, gender and background, and identifying the factors which promote or hinder development.

Here are some themes / topics I can facilitate for you and your team to explore, perhaps on a team away day:

Curiosity did not kill the cat
Exploring the importance of professional curiosity:
Why nurturing professional curiosity and challenge are a fundamental aspect of working together to keep children, young people and adults safe

Reflection, Reflection, Reflection
Models of reflection – exploring how /why reflective practice can help practitioners deal with ethical professional dilemmas, conflicts between resources and needs and the complexities of multi-agency working.

In Teams We Thrive:
Healthy team = Quality support for families

It’s All About Relationships
Engaged families -Empowered Families
Supporting families in taking an active role in making positive changes.