“Sari is a powerful and engaging speaker with an enormous breadth of knowledge in the field of family services. Her  commitment to supporting families and the professionals who work with them is evident in everything she does. You would be hard pressed to find someone more committed to improving services and practice than Sari”

Joanna Apps, Senior Lecturer. Research Centre for Children, Families and Communities. Canterbury Christ Church University. May 19

Sari is an immensely and captivating speaker in the field of domestic abuse. As a keynote speaker, Sari imparts her knowledge and expertise with such passion, leaving the audience feeling both moved and empowered, as countless evaluations of her presentations will tell you. We need more speakers like Sari to promote awareness of domestic abuse as a major public health issue, and to harness the energy and compassion she brings to her presentations and talks, so that we can collectively progress policy and evidence-based practice”

Karen Hynes, Senior Lecturer: Specialist Community Public Health Nursing. School of Allied and Public Health Professions. Faculty of Health and Wellbeing. Canterbury Christ Church University. June 19